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kitchen decor for open shelving

Kitchen Decor for Open Shelving Creative Ideas

It’s here – kitchen open shelving.  The perfect trend to both save money and make a statement.  You get to showcase those lovely handmade mugs that you got from a local artist, what could be better?  Sure you might lose the ability to store more, but it also gives you…

outside painting ideas

12 Exterior Paint Color Ideas for your Home

Picking out your home exterior paint colors can be tricky, especially if you have nosy neighbors that want to have a say.  We say colors instead of color because there are many elements to a home’s exterior.  These elements can be any combination of the roof, doors, window shutters, and…

Hiring a painter or painting contractor sonoma county

Painter hiring advice – it is Smart and Affordable

Painter contractors or a general contractor can apply paint to walls and other decorative finishes for both interior and exterior surfaces/structures. Surprisingly these professional painting contractors can have duties such as scraping, removing wallpaper, and even cleaning various surfaces for preparation. A fun fact that might interest you is that…