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Before Traveling Use These Plumbing Tips

Before going to your vacation use these quick tips to prevent any plumbing surprises when returning and also save some money!


Leading up to the vacation begin removing dairy products, meat, and fresh produce.  You might end up having to throw out food the day you leave to avoid having spoiled food in your fridge the day you return.  Consider turning the temperature up for your fridge when you are gone.

Water Heater

Simple and effective – turn the temperature down.  There is no point in paying for hot water that no one plans on using.  Test the hoses flexibility.  If it is cracking or feels stiff replace the hoses right away.

Appliances & Faucets

A good thing to check even if you are not going off to paradise is if there are any leaks.  Check your water bill monthly to see if water is continuously being used, there might be a leak!  This happened to me and it was a good year before I found out there was any issue.  It took a phone call from the city water office to point it out.  Don’t let this be you!

Also it’s a good idea to occasionally walk around your property to inspect visible water supply lines.  Sinks, behind appliances, faucets, and in the basement.  Check for damp spots, dripping, or oozing around pipe joints.

Sump Pump

Check to make sure your sump pump is working correctly before leaving.  A storm might be on the horizon and you don’t want a flooded basement on your return.

What To Do If You Find A Leak

Check the condition of the pipe, fixture, or toilet.  If there is a leak it is highly possible that there is a larger issue than just fixing the faucet.  It’s time to contact a plumber.

We hope you enjoy your vacation!

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