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Painter hiring advice – it is Smart and Affordable

Hiring a painter or painting contractor sonoma county

Painter contractors or a general contractor can apply paint to walls and other decorative finishes for both interior and exterior surfaces/structures. Surprisingly these professional painting contractors can have duties such as scraping, removing wallpaper, and even cleaning various surfaces for preparation. A fun fact that might interest you is that painters are at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer according to a study done by Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Fun facts aside, let’s get to the juicy advice that will help you decide if hiring instead of performing the work yourself is best.

Hiring a painting contractor can seem like a realistic option for apartments, commercial properties, offices, factories, retail outlets, and even homes. Many home owners decide that they can do the painting themselves, however there is a time and a place as to when to hire a professional painting contractor. Consider the following tips:

1. Hiring a contractor saves you time. Unfortunately you will have to let strangers into your house and you won’t be able to use the said room for the painter. But it is extra time for you to spend on things that matter most. The contractors are likely to have a team that works on the project for you which you might have only had you and a loved one.

2. Something to keep in mind is that painting contractors use advanced tools to complete your project. These tools require less coats of paint because the tools they use do a better job. This allows for a top quality paint job, unlike the painting I did for my own room. The paint project I took on myself required two coats of paint and still it looked like it needed another coat. The paint ran out after the second coat and I was satisfied with the poor quality in order to avoid going to buy more paint. Avoid this situation by hiring a painter.

3. Professionals will do the job correctly. Like the example mentioned above, more coats may be needed if you complete the job yourself. Mismatched spots or discoloration can occur since we are more likely to paint unevenly without the proper tools and abilities.

4. Certified painters can be trusted. They rely on their reputation and benefit from word of mouth business. Get painter referrals from trusted colleagues and look for the experienced companies that have a past work portfolio of pictures or references.

5. Believe it or not you will actually save money by hiring a professional. They have been working as painters for a good amount of time and are well trained. Also, they get deals on paint materials that you might not be able to get yourself.

6. Checking for lead paint is something that your contractor can perform in houses built before 1978. Through their painter expertise they can establish a plan to fix the issue.

7. Watch out for hidden costs and duties like whether or not they will move furniture for you. Also consider the height of your ceilings since contractors will charge more for higher ones.

With these tips in mind you might be wondering what the process is for hiring a contractor. Here is an overview of the most common ways to hire: Meet the professionals yourself to look into their background and reputation by checking references and past work. Ask for a guarantee for your project that is outlined in a complete contract. State your expectations from which rooms/building to paint to the amount of workers and hours that are needed. Get estimates for the completed labor and materials from different companies.

When hiring you also want to make sure that they are insured as they can be under some serious health and safety issues such as being exposed to bacteria and rodent droppings, working at heights, working with flammable or combustible materials, performing in awkward positions, having electrical hazards, or working for extended periods of time. Professionals know the dangerous conditions in which they work and have the proper procedures to prevent injuries and remain safe.

Well that was a whole lot to take in, we hope this helped you better prepare for your next personal home paint project. Consider hiring us in Sonoma County for the reasons mentioned above, and good luck!  View our picture portfolio on Houzz here.  Looking for outdoor house painting ideas?  Check out our article for 2017 here.  Look out for our 2019 exterior home painting inspiration coming our next week!

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