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Kitchen Decor for Open Shelving Creative Ideas

kitchen decor for open shelving

It’s here – kitchen open shelving.  The perfect trend to both save money and make a statement.  You get to showcase those lovely handmade mugs that you got from a local artist, what could be better?  Sure you might lose the ability to store more, but it also gives you the opportunity to get rid of some of those extra items you have been hoarding.  Whether you are fixing up kitchen decor or a living room display be sure to take our advice on how to decorate creatively.

Wine Glasses and Books

As can be seen in the above pictures, open shelving can be decorated in many different ways.  For instance to maximize space and for easy access you can put wine glasses on the bottom of a shelf.  Check out more ideas on Pinterest on how to design your new kitchen open shelves here.  Do not be afraid to put books in your kitchen even if they are not cookbooks – we have seen it many times before.  Another creative idea is to put LED lights below each shelf.

Yellow Cabinets, Yellow Plates

Depending on the colors of the kitchen cabinets you can use the same color plates and store it on the open shelving to compliment and create a cohesive color scheme.  If you want to make your kitchen look cleaner and more put together get large spice containers and line them up along the open shelving.  Another look for a kitchen or open storage area is to put alcohol bottles and wine glasses.

Plants?  Yes please.

We are a big fan of plants in the home, no matter the room you choose to put them in.  A little weekly splurge at the grocery store for flowers will do.  Above we can see LED lights again, but this time instead of a consistent line of light it is made more of single spotlights.  Pictures or art prints can also be used as kitchen decor items on open shelving. Vintage plates or albums on walls create a charming effect.

kitchen decor ideas wine chalkboard display

No Clutter Mindset

Remember: less is more.  The more items you have in a space, the more cluttered it will look.  Consider adding a focal point in your kitchen.  From there you can much easierly pick out decor items that work well for your space.  Add pops of color or a chalkboard in any kitchen for a more playful character.  The example above uses chalkboard paint applied to a wall, a quick fix and may we say a very appealing choice.

If you are stuck on what to do for decorations in the kitchen, consider hiring a local sonoma county interior designer.  We will be more than happy to provide recommendations for you.

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