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Inspect a Home Like a Pro Before Buying

Buying a home, especially one that is 100+ years old can be risky.  But if you hire an inspector to inspect and make sure to look at the items listed in this article, you will be able to make a proper decision on whether or not this house will become your home.  Even a new construction home is worth investigating thoroughly.

A word of caution from a Zillow customer who failed to shadow the inspector for quality results, “If I had known what I know now I wouldn’t have closed on the home.”

A realtor is likely to recommend an inspector, but we recommend hiring your own.  Once you’ve hired, make sure to be there for the actual inspection.  Do not let the inspector investigate the house without you.

The 8 items to inspect:

  1. He needs to test many things including outlets(verify they are grounded), double check the electrical work, go into the attic, and look at the breaker box.
  1. Investigate the foundation for any damage.
  1. He also must go on top of the roof, not in the attic, to check for old damaged shingles due to time and hail damage. Look for signs of leaks.
  1. Look around the windows for water damage – Sagging plaster or drywall.
  1. Take an outlet cover off to see if there is any plaster underneath the drywall. If there is any plaster this might mean there is no insulation in the walls.
  1. Inspect the plumbing under the house and if there are any access panels look there too.
  1. Look at the hvac system thoroughly for correct insulation and sealing. Where are the registers connected and blowing towards?  Duct work flex tube instead of sheet metal?  Check for that too!
  1. Bad news about an old home is it will have lead in it, but asbestos is something you can change. Update those popcorn ceilings.

The inspector will have other little things to check but they shouldn’t impact your decision on whether or not the house is a good purchase as much as the above listed items.

Thanks for reading.  Once you’ve bought your house and are ready to make improvements give us a ring.  (415) 388 – 1999

2 thoughts on “Inspect a Home Like a Pro Before Buying”

  1. It’s always such a big investment and I can never understand why people don’t take the time to call in a professional to make sure everything is as it should be. These pointers are great BTW, thank you so much.

  2. Keep in mind that there are tons of hidden expenses in owning a house. Just because the bank says you can afford it, doesn’t mean that you’ll comfortably afford it. Mortgage underwriting metrics don’t take into account the leaky faucet, old roof that needs replaced, dead water heater, termites, etc. Owning a house is very active, requiring both money and time. Be prepared to spend a lot of both as soon as you close on your purchase.

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