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Green Construction in Sonoma and Marin Counties

Residential Home Builder Contractor

Remodeling can be time consuming and costly, but with the right contractor and proceeding thoughtfully you can save time and money.

The following seven tips have the current and even the future homeowners in mind.  Use them when you start the conversation with a residential contractor to either build or remodel your home.

  1. Take advantage of incentives.  Consider upgrading equipment in the home for hefty savings or getting rid of your lawn for a rebate from your state/city.
  2. Be mindful of the home you remodel.  Instead of building a new home start with an existing structure to create less waste.  Also, choosing a home that is at the scale you need instead of a larger home.  Recommended reading: The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka.
  3. Know where to put the construction waste.  Donating to an organization like Habitat for Humanity is good or you can find a construction waste management firm to recycle your waste.
  4. Buy local.  Reduce that carbon footprint!  Why buy bamboo flooring from China when you can buy it from California?
  5. Salvage. Also local, Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, is the place to go for recycled materials.
  6. Use quality materials when remodeling.  When you are remodeling and are looking to sell, the new home owners are less likely to remodel if you use quality materials.  Not only this, but you’ll also love the results.
  7. Manage heat and light.  Consider adding more windows and allowing for more light to enter into your home.  Add reflective roof coverings or install skylights.

With these tips in mind find a green conscious contractor that has the experience and knowledge to transform your home into a greener one.  The effects of these small changes add up in the long run.

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