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10 Gift Ideas for Him

Gift ideas are aplenty with a simple google search of “gift ideas for men”.  Maybe even too aplenty.  Not to worry, we have condensed a list of our favorite gift ideas just for you as well as some gift giving politesse.  We want you to find the perfect gift for your special someone.

You know that person who always gives the best gifts?  We all aspire to be like her.  Usually she is super original or she pokes fun at an insider joke.  Did you also notice that they never forget to give a gift at an event?

Don’t worry, we can’t all be like her, but we have a few guidelines you should follow:

  1. Stay on top of events and birthdays by keeping a calendar or separate notebook filled with them.
  2. Buy gifts in advance even if you don’t know who the gift goes to.  This is nice as a backup plan in case you run out of time or simply run out of ideas.
  3. Know that gifts require time to receive in the mail so send it out a week ahead of time.
  4. A general rule is if it is something you want, they will want it too.
  5. Consider getting an experience as a gift.  A cooking class, go-carting, or salsa dancing.
  6. Follow their Pinterest, Amazon, or other wishlists to find what they like.
  7. Put a long handwritten greeting into the card.

If you’ve followed these tips you will be well on your way to becoming a professional gifter.  Now let’s look at our gift options.  The following gift ideas are under $100.  For more local gift ideas view Petaluma Gift Ideas.

gift ideas for christmas father’s day birthday
1. Zenni Sunglasses or Reading Glasses. 2. A subscription to Hello Fresh. 3. OtterBox to Protect a Phone or Tablet. 4. Paintball Tickets in Petaluma. 5. Insulated Water Bottle.


gifts list of ideas for husband guy friend spouse

6. Wooden Watch.  7. Singing Pasta Timer.  8. RAK Magnetic Wristband. 9. Peanut Butter Sampler. 10. Burt’s Bees Gift Set.

There is an art to gift giving.  Researching on their Pinterest.  Buying that insider joke gift.  Getting the perfect wrapping paper.  Tying a bow.  And remember the handcrafted card!  We hope we made your gifting research easier.  Happy Gift Giving!

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