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Fixing Dry Rot Damage

I was contacted to inspect a house for dry rot damage. I started by removing the shingle siding. Upon removal, I noticed there was not only dry rot, but powder post beetle damage, a large rat nest, and a large bee hive in the walls all causing damage to the house.

Initial Inspection

Dry Rot Damage
Dry Rot Damage
Rat Infestation
Rat Infestation
More Rat Infestation
More Rat Infestation
Dry rot and powder beetle damage
Dry Rot & Powder Beetle Damage
Bee hive










I began by removing the beehive and removing the rat nest. The house was temporarily supported while the damaged framing was cut out and replaced with new framing. I then performed a seismic upgrade by bolting the framing to the foundation and adding plywood to the exterior.

The walls were insulated, tar paper was installed, and new cedar shingles were added to match existing shingles.

This job from start to finish took 6 days for 2 men.




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