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12 Exterior Paint Color Ideas for your Home

outside painting ideas

Picking out your home exterior paint colors can be tricky, especially if you have nosy neighbors that want to have a say.  We say colors instead of color because there are many elements to a home’s exterior.  These elements can be any combination of the roof, doors, window shutters, and other accents.  These seemingly small decisions have an effect on the overall feel of the home.

Your exterior would benefit from choices that match your neighbor’s house of course, but most importantly you should take into account the architectural foundation of the home.  A home that would stand out – in a good way – would have a complementary theme of colors.  In this article, we provide twelve ideas for you to consider that have the current 2019-2020 trends in mind.
exterior trends home

1 – 3: Greys are often a good choice, deep or light shades included.  Be careful with the choices of grey since you cannot mix warm and cold hues.  Our choice is a nice neutral grey, somewhat dark, with white trims.  Check out the many different greys here.  Then there is our second choice of a nice brown roof that almost looks like wood with a white exterior.  Next is an all-white home, roof included.  This home has a red door which works splendidly with all that white.

outside house painting ideas

4 – 6: Sticking with the theme of a red door pictured above – a pop of color for the door can make a home positively glow.  Complement your walkways and landscaping with blue, black, or simply sticking with natural wood which will work wonders.  You have a lot more freedom with doors, so consider any color.  A trend we continue to see is black accents used not in just exteriors but also in interior design elements inside the home.

several colors wood and brick

7 – 9:  Not all homes can have their exteriors painted as there is the option of brick and other textures.  If you are building a home consider these as an option.  The second picture in this series uses wood to accent the white and black elements of the home.  Remember how we said that the roof is a part of the look?  It applies here.  Then there is all brown; we don’t recommend this color scheme, however if done right it can look decent.  Avoid a main yellow color as a possible choice and only do red if you are okay with your home looking like a barn.

deep rich coloring home paint

10 – 12:  Ever thought about a black home exterior or a deep blue choice?  It can work depending on the place.  Even a light green can be pulled off as pictured above.  If you are still unsure about the color choices consider getting advice from a local designer or contractor.  Get inspired further at Bobvila.com’s exterior paint colors to help sell your house.

Considering painting your home yourself or want to hire a professional painting contractor?  Learn the key reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t hire someone in our recent article painter hiring advice in sonoma county.  If you are ready to hire reach out to us, we may even be able to help you choose the right colors for a clean and fresh exterior home makeover.

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