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Exterior Home Paint Colors for 2017

When it comes to painting your home, having a wacky hot pink colored house is most likely not the best choice.  But that doesn’t mean having a bold color palette is necessarily bad.  Your garage door and front door could benefit from having a nice bold color to bring the whole look of your home together.  Below are our top choices for your exterior home paint colors to win approval from your neighbors.

Bold Yellow with Red Front Door

yellow house red door

Don’t be afraid of a little color – yellow can look just as good as having a neutral color.

Stick to the Neutrals

exterior home paint ideas neutral colors

If your hesitant about going yellow, there is always the neutral color palette to choose from.  Grays go well together, but even better is choosing a door color that stands out like a deep blue or green.

A Blue Exterior Color Palette

blue home exterior paint

Try sky blue as your go to main color.  A nice light blue can look just as good as the neutrals if done right.

White with Bold Accents

white home color palette with bold color accents

Painting a home can be a big project to take on, so starting with just the front door and window shutters can be your best bet.  There’s nothing wrong with plain old white.

Blending in Browns

browns for the win

Last but not least is the brown color palette.  Similar to a neutral color palette, this is an easy choice that will have you blending in with your neighbors homes.

We recommend taking the time to use google images and typing in keyword like “orange exterior home” and “dark grey home” to see the vast amount of options out there.  Good Luck with finding the right exterior paint colors!


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