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9 Pumpkin Décor Ideas

Halloween is almost here which brings the fall home decorations and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.  Our favorite part of this season is going to the pumpkin patch and buying the perfect pumpkins to decorate.  Although buying your pumpkins and leaving them undecorated is okay, it’s much better to take the time to be a little creative and change things up.  We have a few ideas for you to try out this fall that you may have not have seen before.  Enjoy this list of pumpkin decor ideas!

matte white pumpkin
White unicorn pumpkin decorated with flowers on a pink background.

Matte painted pumpkins – You may have seen painted pumpkins before. Consider writing trick or treat over a black painted pumpkin or making it completely black or white.  You can go in any direction with your pumpkins – from painting a skull to keeping it simple with a single color all depending on the rest of your decorations.

skull frida kahlo inspired pumpkin

Like previously mentioned, you can paint a face instead of cutting out one. This saves time and money and can look just as good if done right.

creative pumpkin post

Stack your pumpkins. This can help liven up an empty wall or create an interesting backdrop for picture taking.  This pumpkin decor post can be perfect to put on any porch.

pumpkin stencil ideas

Old fashioned pumpkin cutting. There is nothing that beats a traditional cut pumpkin.  We came up with a few ideas in the picture above to get your creative juices flowing.  Consider using stencils to make the process easier.  Search ‘stencils pumpkin carving’ and see creative ideas like bats, spiders, ghosts, and cats as easy stencils.

pumpkin decor ideas

Pumpkins with flowers are a new trend for fall home décor. It can be a clever hack to get more greenery in your home.

Put those pumpkins in your bathroom for a different feel. We always see pumpkins on the porch, but what about the bathroom?  This is so often overlooked that we can’t even find a picture to display!

perfect food serving idea
Soup in a pumpkin with different pumpkins and spoons

Another one of our pumpkin decor ideas is to use a pumpkin as a food serving bowl for soup.

pumpkin bird feeder idea

Celebrate this fall with your backyard birds by housing them in a pumpkin. Put seeds in it to create the perfect bird feeder!

pumpkin hangers ideas
painted with multi-colored pumpkins at a village fair

Something you may not of thought of is to hang your pumpkins from the ceiling.

We hope you’ve got some new decor ideas for your pumpkins this autumn so you can try something new.  From Frida Kahlo inspired, to bird feeders, you are sure to enjoy at least one of these ideas this fall.  Thanks for reading!

Here’s a link to a local pumpkin patch with awesome pumpkins, and did we mention a huge corn maze? – http://petalumapumpkinpatch.com

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